Develop a Culture of Engagement
While Growing Your Bottom Line

Helping companies that value business growth and people development succeed.
Workforce Planning
Employee Engagement
Intentional Culture
Signs Your Workplace Culture Is Costing You Business
As a growing company:
  • You struggle with a revolving door of employees
  • You feel ill-equipped to train employees effectively
  • Your company culture is inconsistent
  • You feel discouraged by the lack of engagement

  • Balancing the growth of your business and employee management
    shouldn't feel impossible.

    Propel Your Company Forward
    Many fast-growing companies struggle with evolving their culture and maintaining their
    core values. At AMD, Angela Williams coaches companies on how to balance the growth
    of their business and their people so they can advance and transform simultaneously.
    Strategies for hiring the right people for the right roles
    Procedure for finding the gaps in your culture and values
    Methods for fostering employee engagement and inclusion
    Customized plan and action steps to move forward successfully
    Experienced in Business Growth and Transformation
    Angela Williams has more than 20 years of experience working for nonprofit and government consulting companies. In that time, she developed an expertise in organizational mission and employee management.

    Over the years, she noticed fast-growing companies were struggling to engage and retain their best people. They were so busy trying to keep up with the business growth that their culture and core values were forgotten.

    Angela started AMD because she believes it’s possible for companies to succeed in both areas. They can create the systems and processes to grow their bottom line while simultaneously focusing on their people and their company culture. Now, she's helping companies of all sizes succeed in profits and people.

    Balance Growth and Workplace Culture
    Every business owner wants to grow. More clients and customers means more income, which means more opportunities. But in the rush to implement the systems and processes needed to sustain growth, it's tough to focus on developing employees at the same time.

    Angela Williams helps companies to hone their culture, develop their employees and thrive in the marketplace - all at the same time. You don’t have to scrafice your core vaues as you grow!

    Build Profits and People in 3 Easy Steps
    1. Schedule a free discovery call.

    We can discuss the gaps in your employee engagement strategy.
    2. Receive an action plan to move forward.

    After an on-site visit, you'll receive a customized report with a step-by-step implementation plan.
    3. Watch your business soar.

    By giving attention to your growing company and your employees, your business will thrive.
    We Believe Our Clients Deserve
    You're juggling business systems and company culture at the same time. In order to take this on effectively, you need support.
    Once you recognize the gaps in your employee engagement efforts, you need an action plan to move forward.
    It is possible to have a thriving bottom line and employees who are engaged and excited about growing the business.
    Create Success in a Positive Environment
    You don't have to sacrifice people for profits. It is possible to manage business growth while simultaneously working on employee development, and company culture. By following a strategy and action plan from AMD, you can become a company that cares for its people. Stand out in your industry!

    Are you ready to transform your company culture? Contact AMD for a free discovery phone call!

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    CEO/Founder: Angela Williams
    Alexandria, Virginia
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